Spiritual Incantations
Track listing: 1. Eternal Compassion  5’ 42 2. Seeds of Empathy  5’ 34 3. Spiritual Incantations  5’ 07 4. Peaceful Lament  4’ 49 5. Softly Speak  7’ 11 6. Waltzing in Paradise  7’ 20 7. Redemption  4’ 22 8. Sweetest Memories  7’ 44 9. Celtic Embrace  4’ 30
Spiritual Incantations is a new collection of nine carefully and sensitively crafted pieces giving the listener nearly an hour of relaxing soothing music. Take time out to immerse yourself in this musical journey that will caress the senses and lull the conscious mind into a state of pure calm. “This album is new for 2019 and took nearly two years to gradually put together. It of course features my trademark piano style which continues to prove ever popular but also incorporates other variations of style and substance, all crafted into one neat package for your immersive listening pleasure.”
This album is released under the GAP label and is available for download on all major platforms or you can purchase a cd copy from GAP music on their website at www.gapmusic.co.uk